Euroweek: Grand événement européen à l'Athénée

Rencontre européenne de 22 pays du 24 septembre au 30 septembre à l'Athénée (


Opening Ceremony: 25th September 2014

8h45: Seating

9h00 : Arrival of Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess
Wilhelmus (Royal anthem) – Athénée students, Hy-Khang Dang, Anna Weber

Opening speech by Mr Joseph Salentiny, Headmaster of the Athénée
Dance performance (Group Simone Muller)

“Flag Parade”-Introduction of participating countries through music and brief speeches

Speech by Ms Colette Mart, Deputy Mayor of Luxembourg-Ctiy

Musical performance – Athénée students Tom Feltgen, Jeremy Ney

Speech by Ms Maggy Nagel, Minister of Culture

Dance performance (Group Simone Muller)

Speech by Mr Claude Meisch, Minister of Education

Musical performance – Athénée students Hy-Khang Dang, Anna Weber

Speech by Mr Guy Berg, Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg
Musical performance  – Athénée students  Tom Feltgen, Jeremy Ney, Lynn Feyereisen

Presentation of the Euroweek programme by Lou Frisch and Daniel Ruiz

    Musical performance  – Athénée students  Hy-Khang Dang, Hy-Huu Dang Christophe Hennico, Vincent Muller


                          Official reception for all the participants offered by the Athénée

Programme officiel de la rencontre

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Arrival of delegations

Evening with host families        


Thursday 25th September

8:00: Meeting  “Salle Folmer”

Official opening of Euroweek 2014 at the Conservatoire with official guests

                        Flag parade to the Conservatoire

                        Opening Ceremony and speeches by leading politicians

                        Presentation of the participating countries


Visit of the City of Luxembourg in groups composed of different nationalities

Teachers:   14:30: Visit of the House of Parliament

16:30: Reception at the Town Hall

Evening: European Buffet, host families


Friday 26th September

8:30 Meeting “Salle Folmer”

9:00: International workshops about the topic on different aspects of multicultural Europe (art and literature, cultural literacy, integration, customs and values, education...)


Performance prepared by each country on the topic ”My native country in a multicultural Europe”

Performances (music, dance, songs, drama, poetry....)


Dinner for teachers at the “Ecole hôtelière Diekirch”

Evening with host families


Saturday 27th September

9:00: Meeting”Salle Folmer”

9:00-12:00      Sports session at the Athénée (6 students per delegation)

Rehearsal for European Choir performance (2 students per delegation)

            Teachers’ meeting

Afternoon: Free time

Evening with host families


Sunday 28th September

8:40: Meeting Parking ECG

All day cultural excursion to Fond-de-Gras, Rumelange , Schengen and Echternach

Lunch at the Youth Hostel in Schengen

Evening with host families


Monday 29th September

8:30: Meeting “Salle Folmer”

Visit of the European Centre at Kirchberg and the Philharmonie

Conference by the European Commission


Closing ceremony (see the Program of the Closing ceremony)

            Presentation and discussion of the resolutions

Performance of the European Choir

Slideshow on Euroweek 2014


20:30-1:00: Farewell party at the Melusina


Tuesday 30th September




Il s'agit d'une matinée d'information professionnelle obligatoire pour les classes de 2e et facultative pour celles de 1re.

samedi 18 octobre 2014 à partir de 9h30


MATINEES "Pas-à-pas"

Nos élèves des classes de 7e participent à différents ateliers de 10h00 à 12h35.

mardi 21 et jeudi 23 octobre 2014



a lieu le mercredi 22 octobre 2014 à 19h00 en la salle Folmer.


MUNOG (Model United Nations)

au Goldberg Gymnasium à Sindelfingen (D) – simulation des travaux de l’ONU avec la participation d'élèves de classes de 2e.

16 - 22 octobre 2014