International classes

Admission procedure for the academic year 2022-2023

Dear students, dear parents,


For the upcoming academic year, the Athénée de Luxembourg will hold admission tests for the following grades :

Grade 10 (4IEC)Link: registration form Grade 10



In order to be admissible to the international classes, students must fulfill certain requirements.


· For Grade 10, students must have completed their third year of Secondary education and be born before August 31st, 2008.


And pass admission tests in the following subjects:


· Grade 10: English, Mathematics, French



The admission procedure to the international classes of the Athénée includes the following steps:


1. Registration form to be sent in between May 2nd 2022 and May 30th 2022 (email:

2. Portfolio to be sent in by June 13th 2022.

3. Preliminary Interview with a board of examiners on June 21st 2022.

4. Written admission tests on July 8th 2022.

5. Results issued on July 12th 2022.



Upon reception of the registration form, students will receive the information package including:


· Programs for the admission tests

· Instructions regarding the portfolio

· Instructions regarding admission procedure