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Open Day 2024

Update: OPEN DAY 2024 - new date: 25.1.24 at 6:30pm

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Open Day 2024 - January 25 at 6:30pm

The Athénée offers a 7-year international course of study which compasses three different cycles:

  • Following our three preparatory years (7th to 9th grades) and our two intermediate years (10th and 11th grades) students start the actual IB Diploma Programme (12th and 13th grades)
  • The Athénée officially acquired the status of IB World School in February 2010: we are officially authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.


You are cordially invited to attend our Open Day, on January 18th, providing a general presentation of the International Classes and IB DP cycles as well as an insight into school facilities and contributions by teachers and students involved in the programme.

Virtual Tour

Discover the school and study programmes virtually :







We hope that you get a flavour for the school through this virtual tour and very much look forward to welcoming you in person to our Open Day 2024 at the Athénée de Luxembourg - International Classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I hand in the registration form? Via email to
What is the deadline for registration?
For which class can I register?
Please follow this link to see the admission procedure for the upcoming academic year.
Is it possible for pupils to be turned away? Since students will have to sit a preliminary interview (Step 1) and admission tests (Step 2), some applicants will not be admitted to the programme.
Physical Education
Where does the physical education and sports course take place? The PE course takes place in the sports hall adjacent to the building as well as in the on-campus swimming pool.
Is there a swimming lesson in 7IEC? For other grades? Yes. Swimming lessons (2 lessons in a row) alternating with physical education classes.
Are there optional courses (football, basketball) for 7IEC students? For other grades? Yes, different courses are offered in the sports section and LASEL.
What is the procedure for getting a locker? Pupils will get a key to a locker from their form teacher. The students must hand back the locker key by the end of the school year otherwise they will have to pay 50€ for a lost key.
What is the procedure for having a large locker (for a musical instrument for example)? At the beginning of the school year, each pupil will be given a standard locker. Students will be able to go to the technical staff office to exchange their standard locker key for a large locker key. (Larger lockers are also available in the music department)
School transportation
Where are the bus stops / departure? North campus: rue Marguerite de Brabant, near the ECG.
South campus: boulevard Pierre Dupong, near the Forum.
Extracurricular activities
What extracurricular activities are offered? The offer varies every year, but optional courses in all fields are offered (mathematics, chess, dance, scenography, costume design, theatre, various sports, etc.).

The list of courses for the current school year is published on this web page.
When do these optional courses take place? In principle during lunch breaks according to a fixed schedule. Optional courses start at the beginning of October.
Mobile phones and iPads
Are students allowed to use their smartphone at school? We advocate a moderate use of smartphones, especially in 7IEC, where form teachers, together with class holders, can decide on a ban on the use of smartphones during the day to support the development of interpersonal relationships.
Are there any rules for using the smartphone? During the lessons, the use of smartphones is forbidden unless otherwise indicated by the teacher (for online research in particular).

The internal regulations provide for disciplinary measures up to and including permanent dismissal for anyone who registers and/or publishes members of the school community in violation of data protection rights.
Do students work on computers during lessons? Students may be required to work on computers in special rooms. However, 'iPad' classes are not widespread in the preparatory years. In 10th grade (4IEC), all students from the international classes receive an iPad.
Do students receive a laptop or iPad from the school? Students in the lower cycle (7IEC-5IEC) do not receive a laptop from the school. iPad trolleys are available for teachers to use during lessons with students.
Are there iPad classes ? Yes, from 10th grade (4IEC) onwards.
Curriculum in the international classes
Does the Athénée offer the MYP? No, the Athénée has created its own programme of international classes from 7th to 11th grades (7IEC-3IEC). This programme is based on IBO requirements.

It is only in 12th Grade (2IB) that the Athénée becomes an IB World school, a label which allows us to offer the IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).
Is French a requirement for the international classes?
What level is expected?
Students joining our programme in 7IEC do not need to have any knowledge of French. However, the French classes are organized in different levels: beginners and intermediate in Grades 7 & 8 (7IEC & 6IEC), intermediate and advanced in Grades 8 & 9 (6IEC & 5IEC). Students joining our programme in Grade 10 (4IEC) or 12 (2IB) will need to sit admission tests in French as a certain level of French is expected (A2+ in Grade 10 (4IEC); B1+ in Grade 12 (2IB)).
Is there an age policy? Yes, pupils cannot skip a class by changing an education system. They must also have reached a certain age by 31 August of the current year. (11 years old for the 7th grade (7IEC), 14 years old for the 10th grade (4IEC), 16 years old for the 12th grade (2IB))
Do school fees apply ? No. We are a public school and all classes are free of charge.
If a teacher is absent, are the pupils free or is the teacher replaced? In principle, replacements are made when a teacher is absent. The class can also work independently under the supervision of a member of staff. Depending on the timetable, pupils may be released (after the parents' release of responsibility is given at the beginning of the school year).
When are students informed about which textbooks they should get? The school provides the textbooks for every student. At the beginning of the year, the students will receive the required textbooks free of charge (except for compulsory reading in language and literature classes) .
Is there a field trip? Depending on the teacher and the behaviour of the class, field trips (one day trips for preparatory years), two days or more for the intermediate years) can be organized.
At what age can students participate in the Debating Club (preparing for MUN and MEP conferences)? Students can join the Debating Club from 10th Grade (4IEC) onwards.
Where can I get lunch? How do I pay for it? The school has a canteen where students can buy food (either a full menu or a sandwich or salads). Payment is done with the student card each students receives on the first day of school. Parents can put money on the card via a special website:
Is there a study room during lunch breaks? During lunch breaks, IT rooms, the library and normal class rooms are accessible for students if they wish to work independently on their homework.
May I stay on the premises after school hours to revise? The school’s opening hours are from 7:00 to 21:00. Students are allowed to stay on the premises after school hours to revise. The library’s opening hours are as followed: MO, WE, FR: 7:45 to 17:45 & TU, TH: 7:45 to 16:45